City Furniture adds electric terminal tractor

City Furniture said its new electric yard tractor produces less noise, vibration and heat than diesel versions.

TAMARAC, Fla. – Top 100 retailer City Furniture has added its first electric yard tractor to the company’s distribution center here. The terminal tractor will move semi-trailers around the yard at the 900,000-square-foot main distribution center.

Compared with traditional diesel-powered terminal tractors, the equipment operates quietly and reduces maintenance costs, since it runs clean and has fewer moving parts, according to Andrew Koenig, City Furniture president.

“As we move closer to our 2040 Green Promise, we’re pleased to show that electric yard tractors are an effective alternative to the retail industry’s traditional diesel-fueled yard vehicles,” said Koenig. “Achieving net-zero emissions means finding new ways to help streamline our operations and create positive ripple effects in our industry.”

Koenig said City Furniture is the first company in the Southeastern U.S. to purchase the T2E Ottawa terminal tractor, which Canada-based vehicle manufacturer Kalmar introduced last year.

Producing less noise, vibration and heat than diesel versions, electric terminal tractors also offer benefits to their drivers, Koenig said, since the tractor’s on-board inverter changer allows the machine to be charged during working breaks.

In addition to the newly purchased electric vehicle, City Furniture has built eight showrooms to meet national Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards, and the firm has also converted all of its 144-truck delivery fleet to run on compressed natural gas.

“We want other retailers to know that this new approach to fleet yard operations is a practical, cost-effective way to improve warehousing and distribution,” Koenig added.

City Furniture also uses four CNG-powered semi-trucks at its Tamarac and Ocoee, Fla., distribution centers. Koenig said five all-electric Tesla semi-trucks that are currently on order will be used to move large loads from South Florida to Ocoee, Fla.

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